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Guadalupe River Trout Release

Bill Higdon, V.P. Fisheries of the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, recently wrote a very informative Q&A regarding the Guadalupe River fishery and the upcoming trout stocking. Here's the scoop:

Q. When are we going to stock? (the most frequently asked)
A. It all depends on the water temperature. When the temperature is consistently below 70 degrees, we will begin to look at stocking dates. This usually occurs in late October to late November.

Q. What size trout will be stocked?
A. We generally stock 1 to 1 Ĺ pounds with a few bigger and some a little smaller. Most are 14 to 18 inches.

Q. Will we stock any Brown Trout?
A. The Brown Trout are more expensive so we donít stock as many as the Rainbow, but we always have a few Browns in the mix.

Q. How many leases will we have this season?
A. The number of leases is usually between 15 and 18. We are still arranging the leases as of this newsletter but the majority will be the same.

Q. Is the water too hot for the trout?
A. As quoted on the GRTU website: What are the best water temperatures for trout? Ideally 57 - 62 degrees. Good temperatures are below 68 degrees. It is widely accepted by the biologists that temperatures for mortality are 74 to 82 degrees. It doesnít mean that trout will die in 74 degree water, but their condition could make them susceptible to disease and predators if the temperature remains high. And catching and playing a trout in this range could be fatal to the trout, even if it appears to swim away normally. The water temperature will fluctuate in a 24 hour cycle and usually the water temperature is highest in the late afternoon. The daily average water temperature is also important indicator of the conditions in the trout fishery. Trout biologists believe that the average temperature should be below 72 degrees. As of this writing the temps are consistently above 75 and over 80 on some days (9/7/06).

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